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Brian Davis

Instructional Management Coordinator

Career and Technical Education
704-296-3130 Ext: 4139
Areas of Responsibility

Employee Bio

Mr. Davis has worked in UCPS for 15 years as a teacher and school administrator. He began his career as an Agriculture Teacher at Sun Valley High School and then moved to Weddington High School once it opened in 2000. As an Agriculture Teacher, he taught Animal Science, Horticulture, Equine Science and Landscaping. He also worked as an FFA Advisor to provide his students with opportunities to travel, meet new people and practice what they learned in the classroom. In 2010, he was given an opportunity to be an Assistant Principal at Monroe High School. With administration changes, he was moved back to Weddington High School in 2011-12 to serve as an Assistant Principal there. In the 2012-13 school year, he was given another opportunity to come to Monroe High School as an Assistant Principal. In 2015-16 he served as an Assistant Principal at Parkwood Middle School.  He is currently working as a Instructional Management Coordinator for Career and Technical Education where he works with new teachers, curriculum and accountability.