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Scott Broome


Poplin Elementary
704-296-0320 Ext: 6401

Employee Bio

Scott Broome has taught and held administrator positions in schools throughout Union County since the early 1990s, and  officially took office as the head principal of Poplin Elementary School on June 17, 2013.

“I believe in change,” Broome said. “Some people don’t like change. I, on the other hand, really thrive on it. It’s energizing to me … and I’m also excited about working with the Poplin community to make this the best school it can be.”

Broome’s grandmother was a teacher, and by second grade Broome knew he was “education bound.” His grandmother “loved what she did” and told stories about her classroom that encouraged Broome to love school from an early age, he said.

“There was nothing else I wanted to do,” Broome said. “I went to college, became an education major and 24 years later, here I am.”

Broome completed his undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and earned his master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He began teaching older elementary-age students at Walter Bickett Elementary School before moving to Benton Heights Elementary School and then Western Union Elementary School.

Broome spent 10 years in the classroom before pursuing a career in administration – something he chose out of a desire to “contribute more” to the school.

“I chose administration because (I could have) a much broader impact on a school setting and the children rather than being one person in the classroom,” he said.

Broome worked three years as an assistant principal and 10 years as a head principal. He served as an administrator at Weddington, Marvin and Western Union elementary schools before taking a position as principal of Marvin Ridge Middle School.

While Broome enjoyed his three years at Marvin Ridge Middle, he said his time at the school reaffirmed the fact that his niche is working with elementary-age students. So when a head principal position came open at Poplin, he jumped at the opportunity.

“Having experienced middle school, I’ve decided that, hey, I’m an elementary guy. If I had never done middle school, I would never know that (for sure),” Broome said. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be back in an elementary school. What I went to school to be is an elementary teacher.”

The past month and a half at Poplin, Broome said, has been a smooth transition. He’s mostly spent time meeting with staff members, settling in and prepping for the start of the 2013-14 school year.

“I’ve discovered that this is a great school,” he said. “I’m a lucky man to have landed in such a great place.”

Broome believes having worked at so many schools throughout Union County helps him be a better administrator. One of the benefits of being all over the county, he said, has been getting to know people and making connections.

“I knew at least some of the staff members (at Poplin) already with past connections … It’s always nice to have familiar faces,” Broome said. “I’ve got to say the staff has just been incredible.”

Looking to the future, Broome’s main goal for Poplin is to provide a solid foundation to foster student success. He also wants to continue encouraging students to love school and to build Poplin’s reputation as an outstanding school within the community.

“I really envision Poplin becoming the go-to community resource for all things school,” Broome said.

Broome said his anticipation for Aug. 26 – the day students return to school from summer break – is growing as the date draws nearer, and he’s excited about getting to know the students, which he calls the “best part” of his job.

“For the upcoming school year, I’m most excited about meeting all of the students and walking through the doors for the first day of school,” he said. “I can hardly wait for the first day of school to start.”

Taken from Interview in Union County Weekly on August 2, 2013